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P.O.W.E.R. Buying Group RFP Information and Services

  • The current Request for Proposal (RFP) lead agency is the School District of Osceola County (SDOC)
  • US Foods is the awarded distributor for pricing, distribution and storage of the main line food and supply products for members
  • Most members utilize US Foods for the distribution and storage of USDA Brown Box Foods
  • Click on “Member Profiles” to see all member districts and information about their programs

Member Benefits and Services

  • Preparation of food and supply product specifications that facilitate compliance with all current USDA and state guidance for the USDA meal patterns and Dietary Standards
  • Solicitation of product pricing with a large number of vendors/brokers interested in working with The P.O.W.E.R. Buying Group (PBG)
  • Increased purchasing power of a large coop results in lower prices
  • Networking with many program directors/administrators sharing their expertise in many aspects of program administration
  • Work with state agency procurement team to aid members to maintain compliance and prepare for state reviews
  • Revaluation of products as guidelines are updated, products are reformulated, etc.
  • Assistance with resolving members’ product “incidents”, receiving credits or product replacements as needed
  • Long term distributor relationship promotes stability— the SDOC Request for Proposal (RFP) contract is effective July 2014 through June 2019
  • Access to useful information on the Members Only section of the PBG website
  • Access to the most current information on PBG-awarded products, guidance updates, policies/procedures via the posted minutes of the Executive Committee conference calls and meetings
  • Members and vendors may participate in the online, interactive process to request additional products to be considered for competitive pricing and addition to the awarded products
  • Access to uploads of the current food product nutrition information to menu viewer software such as Nutrislice, MealViewer, etc.
  • Detailed information on all PBG-awarded products available to be viewed and/or downloaded by members. This information includes:
    • Nutrition information per serving
    • Meal pattern crediting information
    • Allergen information
    • Packaging information
    • Picture of the products
    • Smart Snack Compliance
    • Complete specification files

Questions or Interested in Joining? Contact the PBG Executive Director at: powerbuyinggroup@gmail.com

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