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About us


We are the school child nutrition program purchasing cooperative named Purchasing Organization with Educational Results (PBG.) Our members include 31 of the 67 district nutrition programs in Florida. The cooperative serves 1000+ schools serving 140 million meals per year.

Effective July 1, 2014 the lead agency is School District of Osceola County (SDOC.) US Foods is the awarded distributor for pricing, distribution and storage of the main line food and supply products for members. In addition, most members utilize US Foods for the distribution and storage of USDA Brown Box Foods. Click on “Member Profiles” to see all member districts and information about their programs.
Member Benefits
  • Preparation of food and supply specifications that facilitate compliance with all current USDA and state guidance
  • Solicitation of product pricing working with a large number of vendors/brokers 
  • Increased purchasing power of one of the larger coops in the country results in lower prices
  • Networking with many program directors/administrators sharing their expertise in many aspects of program management
  • Access to consultant services provided by PBG to facilitate the administration of all procurement procedures
  • Long term distributor relationship promotes stability— the SDOC Request for Proposal (RFP) contract is effective July 2014 through June 2019
  • Access to useful information on the Members Only section of the PBG website 
    • Access to the most current information on PBG-awarded products, guidance updates, policies/procedures via the posted minutes of the  Executive Committee conference calls and meetings
    • Access to the process for members to request and review the current status of all members’ requests for additional products to be considered for competitive pricing
    • Detailed information on all PBG-awarded products available to be viewed and/or downloaded by members. This information includes:
      • Nutrition information per serving
      • Meal pattern crediting information
      • Allergen information
      • Packaging information
      • Picture of the products
      • Smart Snack Compliance