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Carmen Bush
701 E. Pennsylvania Ave.
Bonifay, Florida 32425
Phone: 850-547-5928 x253
Fax: 850.547.0381
Deborah Eldridge
Alternate Contact
701 E. Pennsylvania Ave.
Boniay, Florida 32425
Phone: 850-547-9341 x230
Fax: 850.547.4848

District Profile

Name of Distict Holmes
Student Enrollment 3,268
Total food budget for 2015-2016 School Year $795,000.00

Number of School Sites

High Schools 2
Middle Schools 1
Elementary Schools 2
K-12 Schools 2

District Demogrpaphics (% of Enrollment)

Free 74.00%
Reduced 7.00%
Paid 19.00%

Average Daily Participation (ADP)

Breakfast 1
Lunch 1

Additional Program Participation

Community Eligibility Option

Meal Equivalents

Lunch 1 Lunch = 1 ME

Product Information preferences:

E-mail, Trade Show

Advance notice to develop promotion:

4-6 months

When purchasing new products,
What is most important to us?
(1=highest 9=lowest)

Quality 1
Nutritional Value 2
Price 3
Student Acceptability 4
Ease of Preparation 5
Case/Pack Size 6
Recomendations from other districts 7
Vendor demonstration in district 8
Samples and Information from Trade Show 9

Preferred commodity program:

Net Off Invoice

Commodities we plan to process
in the 2015-2016 school year:

Beef, Cheese