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Hundreds Attend Nassau County School District’s First Annual School Menu Showcase Event
District families got to taste for themselves the 2013-2014 school menu

August 5, 2013 – Even thunderstorms did not deter hundreds of Nassau County families from attending the school district’s First Annual School Menu Showcase event at Callahan Middle School. Nassau County School District (NCSD) parents and their children got to taste for themselves hundreds of school meal items that will be featured in this school year’s menu. Some of the menu items included: Nassau County School District’s legendary Shepherd’s Pie, Orange Chipotle Fusion Chicken with baked brown “fried rice” with vegetables and an extensive fresh restaurant-style salad bar with all the fixings. Nassau County School Board Superintendent Dr. John Ruis; School Board Members Donna Martin, chairman; Dr. Kathy Burns, vice chairman; Dr. Kimberly Fahlgren; and Gail Cook with State Senator Aaron Bean attended and tasted NCSD great menu items as well.

“Our parents can rest assured and have tasted for themselves now, that their children are offered a wide variety of menu items that taste good and are nutritious,” said Allyn Graves, director of school food
services for Nassau County School District. “It is proven that when students have a healthy breakfast and lunch they perform better academically. We want to make sure our students are taking advantage of one of the best tools we offer them to succeed – school meals,” said Graves.

Nassau County School Board’s Food Service serves more than 1,600,000 meals and snacks that meet strict nutritional requirements each year. Much of those meals include fresh produce from local farms in a 150-mile radius of the district school. The department has received the prestigious Florida Healthy School District Silver level honor from the Coordinated School Health Partnership and is a co-sponsor for Florida Action for
Healthy Kids.

For more information, contact Allyn Graves, director of food services for Nassau County School Board at 904.491.9923 or www.nassau.k12.fl.us.

Left Picture: Allyn Graves, director of food service for Nassau County School District with the Farrell family enjoying the bountiful salad bar at Nassau County School District’s School Menu Showcase event.

Right Picture: Crowds gather for the tasting event.

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